Person Below 15 is Not Allowed for this Play.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Play Synopsis

The electronic revolution must have minimized everything down to a tiny mobile text message. But is this a boon or a curse?
The internet chat service has made it possible for people to literally chat with each other across continents, leave alone cities. Is this good or bad?
Though communication is getting revolutionized, we the humans have lost “Communication” in its true sense. We may “talk” but we hardly “listen”. We may chat thru internet, may speak over phone, may send mails, reminders, wishes but do we really “communicate?” do we really “express?”At any point of time do we sit holding hands compassionately, look into the eyes of each other & express what we really want to communicate?
“White Lily & Night Rider” is the contemporary play - a black comedy - of a man & a woman in their 40’s. They are very close Chat Friends involved even in erotic chat. At one point of time they desperately want to meet each other to transform that virtual reality in to reality and may take the decision of marriage.
But when they meet person to person the showdown begins. Any known system of man – woman relationship is unacceptable to them. Neither can they accept the “Sanskars” of the previous generation, nor can they adjust to the thinking of the new generation! For them marriage as an institution is outdated and live in relationship is unthinkable!!
The play raises innumerable questions and confusions about the fundamentals of the relationship & companionship. Does this confusion end with self realization? Are they afraid of reality? Is the virtual reality more comfortable??


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Abhi... said...

Hi Milind & Rasika,

Hearty Congratulations for a fabulous play. We think it was a perfect blend of allround show - concept, script, technical set-up & top it all the performances of 'While Lily & Night Rider'...

A small question; in fact its a debate point between two of us - Abhijit & Amol.

Abhijit thinks: The story does not have a definite end i.e. it does not decide whether the two leads would marry or not. 'coz they are different personalities while chatting & otherwise. Hence it is best left to the audience to interpret the end.

Amol thinks: The two - Bhakti & Madhav - understand the different personalities & accept each other as they are. The bottom line: 'They would marry'...

What are your views on this...

Abhijit Deshpande & Amol Gaikwad

Dilip said...

The theme and development was too good.script was good.. तुम्ही दोघांनी फारच छान लिहिलॆय.आणि दोघांनी फ़ार छान कामे केली आहेत.अत्यंत वास्तव गॊष्टी तुम्ही फार छान पद्धतीने सादर केल्यात.आवडले आम्हाला खूप.सध्याची पिढी, त्यांचे संगणक व इंटर्नेट शिवाय जगणे कसे अशक्य आहे ते पण तुम्ही छान मांडलेत.
तु्मच्या दोघांचे अभिनंदन व शुभेच्छा

pushkar said...

Im Glad Im first in the list!
Congratulations Rasika , Milind and the entire team of WLANR for presenting an intellectual and entertaining One act. The act is truly an intelligent reflection of the "communicating" yet "non conversant" generation of the current times. Both of your performances are a genuine projection of shades of nature which are a part of most of the viewers!. Amazing presentation which takes grip from the word go! Congratulations again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rasika and Milind,

First and Foremost, Congratulations on this wonderful and brilliantly written play. I was in Pune only for a couple of days and am happy that i didn't miss this one.

I saw both of you a day before in the audience during "Never Mind", and never expected you two to be such "Live Wires" on the stage. I think that the subject matter was handled in an extremely mature manner, and the best part was it never went away from the reality.

Truly amazing. Congrats once again

Mahesh Kelkar

Sandip Joglekar said...

Khupach chhan prayog zala ajacha. 35+ age asatana lagna na zalya mule watanara folpana wa ekatepana, aani internet mule tyala phutanari wacha khup chhan prakare dakhawlit tumhi. Internet mule aajkal expression la khup waw milato ani tyasathi khari identity hi dakhawawi lagat nahi. Kunalahi impersonate karta yete easily, jase he white lily aani night rider. Chatting che dialogs, camera shodhyacha prasang, etc genuine hote, assal wathale hote. Congrats for that.
Anyway, ekate padnya sathi lagna na hone important nahiye wastawik, karan lagna zaleli manase busy jarur astat pan ekati nastat ase nahi. Tyanchi tragedy hi asate ki te ya don characters itke mukta wagu hi shakat nahit bichare. Yanna choukat nahi, aani tyanna choukaticha pinjara todata yet nahi. Mag kon adhik nashibwaan?

Winodachi atishay utkrushta perani hoti pahilya tasa bharat, pan tya nantar te titke natural rahile nahit. Chit warti dialogs lihine wagaire sarkhe prasang talun shewati thodi karunya chi kaas dharayla hawi hoti ase watale. Tasa ek prasang aahe jyat Bhakti aai aani bhawa baddal khare sangate, pan tyane mhanawa titka effect aala nahi aani ajun thoda waw hota wishay bhidawayla. Mulat ha wishay khup sensitive aani khara aahe pan tyacha sacchepana shewati adhik prakarshane bhidawta aala asata tar phar chhan zale asate.
Arthat hi tika mhanje 90 marks chya badali 95 milalyla hawe ase mhanane aahe. Mulat 90 marks ahetach tumhala. Good one and keep it up and keep in touch if possible. Mi natak weda aahe pan IT career mule 8-10 warshe bajula gelo hoto. Ata punha sagale pahayche aahe purvi sarakhe. Tumhi lihilele wachayla aani pahayla awadel.
Good luck.
Sandip Joglekar

Mukund Marathe said...

Rasika and Milind, you have done just superb job in writing and directing the play and acting in it. It is a wonderful concept that the two characters find their fantasy world more palatable than their real life. It is an unfortunate reality in today's cyberspace world. What we found really interesting was that the play was resonating well with the young generation in the audience. At the same time people like us who have been married for over 25 years found the complex issues of compatibility in relationships quite introspective. Every pause, every look, every body language was just perfect. Couldn't ask for anything more. You must bring this play for a U.S. Tour. We at California Arts Association ( will be extremely happy to help you do that.

Anonymous said...

brilliant show and brilliant performances from both of you! I am in my mid 2Os or to be precise 25, though not a typical netizen, I could relate with story. both of you have done excellent job.very bold still very reallastic topic presented in humorous way.wish you good luck . hope to see more such intellectually enetertaining plays.

Veerendra Deshpande said...

"छातीची कडी निघाली! जन्माची झोप जावी अशी मुस्काडित बसली!"

("White Lily And Night Rider" वर माझ्या शब्दांत प्रतिक्रिया उतरवण्याची माझी योग्यता नाही. त्यामुळे संदीप खरे यांच्या कवितेचा आधार घेतलाय.)

संदर्भ: संदीप खरे यांच्या कवितेतील एक कडवे:

स्टेजवर रेशमी साड्या, रेशमी झब्बे
पथ्यपाणी सांभाळलेल्या शोभीवंत शब्दरचना
डोळ्यांना बरं वाटलं...कानांना मझा आला...
छातीची कडी निघालीच नाही...
ओळींचे ओघळ ओघळले खूप,
जन्माची झोप जावी अशी मुस्काडित बसलीच नाही...
मला कविता कळलीच नाही...
इति संदीप खरे.

अश्या अर्थी, "छातीची कडी निघाली! जन्माची झोप जावी अशी मुस्काडित बसली!"

- वीरेंद्र देशपांडे, पुणे.

amit said...

Hi Rasika & Milind, Congrats for excellent CONCEPT , Doghanche timing jabardast aahe (yaat kahi vaad nahi), chatting YUGATIL barkawe atishay chhan focous kelet.
Cam cha sanshay...ekmekanche naav licence baghun chk karne..etc etc he scence tar khup chaan and REAL wattat ! aso,
Overall chhan script aahe !!

once again Congrats and Good luck

Abhi... said...

Hi Milind & Rasika,

Just wanted to bring in to your notice: Last week on Friday,13th Feb'09 I was watching 'Oye, Its Friday' on NDTV Imagine (chat show by Farhan Akhtar) & there in one of the gags they've actually shown a brief version of your own play 'White Lily...' it had such an uncanny resemblance to the play that I just thought to confirm if you've given the idea for the gag...

Also waiting for your comments on my previous comment...

Regards & Best wishes

aditi said...

One of the best plays that I saw after a long time!! I do not have enough words to state here how much I liked it!!

S'lee said...

Hi ,

Thanks a ton for putting up a creation which makes u think about so many things around but in a lighter mood.
Brilliant work rasika , milind and girish... :)) Loved it!!!

awdhooot parelkar said...

A stunning performance!
An intelligent script by Rasikaa and Milind.
I have no words to describe the acting of Rasikaa and Milind.
Simply unforgettable experience.

Aniket Saraf said...

The play is just soooooooo amazing that words fall short for it's praise. It means to me what 'A Doll's House' by 'Henrik Ibsen' means to me!

chintatur jantu said...

Rasika and Milind

I have not see the play yet, but reading the synopsis, I am already quite excited and looking forward to watch it. I hope I get to see it sometime on one of the weekends.

Pankaj Naik

lokmanas said...

Hi....this is Madhura Khadilkar to watch your show....such as awesome show it has covered all those sensitive and non-sensitive issues which matter most while choosing a has got a feel in it...very all rock completely in the show and you have acted so well...wish you the best for future shows as well...great going..All the Best!!!!!

Vibhas Pande said...

Hi Milind and Rasika. I watched this show for the second time today. The play is amazing. Your acting natural and refreshing. I liked the pauses in between the dialogues. Very effective and non verbal communication is very touching.

I feel you must reach out to wider audiences so you may could consider an English or Hindi version at some stage.You both are capable of doing it.

Best wishes,
Vibhas Pande

milind said...

Dear Milind, Rasika and entire crew,
What a amazing performance. One can make out sitting on the other side, the overall team effort and performance of the entire crew.

The script has really taken care of macro to micro level of detailing, not just in acting but also in dialogue delivery.

Overall i was overwhelmed and happy to see the play after my tiring day.

Thanks for providing such a marvelous entertainment. You guys deserve much more accolades.

Thanks & Best Regards

Milind Risaldar

Geeta said...

Hi Rasika & Milind.

Dinanath la baghitala prayog 19 tarakhela. HIT zala. Concept, Script, Acting laajawab.

Aarashat baghitalyasarkha vatat hota purna prayog baghatana. Jase swatahachech shabd koni tari record karun aikawawet ase dialogues hote.. Arguments sakat :)

Best appreciable thing I think was that... the whole play even after using characters' age and unmarried status as background.. goes beyond that limitation. Even after being married I could very well connect or relate to the concept. Today's communication medium or rather the lack of it... is so candidly sketched out, that viewer unknowingly starts realising loopholes in his / her own communication media.

One suggestion... Can we expect a full 3 act commercial version of the play with bigger and better publciity?

Cheers to you both.


Ashutosh Chirmule said...

Saw your play at sudarshan. 23.02.2009. Tumcha play tar uttam aahech pan hi blog site hi solid aahe. Never seen such a professionally created Blog. Shows your overall intelligence. All the best for future shows. Btw Mall chya scene la set hide karayala vaparalela kala kapad shabby disata.

Jyotindra said...

Hi MCC team & both key people Rasika & Milind

This was a terrific play. We loved every moment.


Using the word "I" is ok in virtual world but have to use more of " We " in reality while building a relationship. You brought this out quite clearly.

Special thanks to MCC which continuously brings out such fabulous plays.

We love Sudarshan.

- Jyotindra & Hima Trivedi


्रसिका आणि मिलींद,

आज सुदर्शन मधे आपला अप्रतीम अविष्कार पाहिला. दिल खुष झाले.

"मला यात आपले प्रतिबिंब दिसले". इती राजाभाऊंची बायको.

मजा आली.

pramod said...

Hi Milind & Rasika.
Simply Superb yaar !!!!
Enjoyed on 15-March-2009.

Timing and specially Rasika's Expression......

Solid, Chabuuuukkkk.

Keep It Up. and All the Best.
With Warm Love & Luck.

vishal said...

Hi,Rasika & Milind,hats off to both of u,for giving such a wonderful play. I must say not BOLD, not CHEAP,But a very DASHING and THOUGHT PRAVOKING play.Both of u have hit the bull's eye through the script ,stage,lighte and ur Exellent performances. U deserv 100 out of 100.What young generation thinks and wants to express their viewes on love affaire or relationship, u have depicted very well. God Bless u.Wish u and Ur play bright future.

Rajani said...

Dirghank kharach chhan aahe. Pan ek request ashi ki he pryog Bharat Natya la kele tar baryachjanana baghta yeil. Nahi tar Sudarshan madhyech sitting / chairs ase option dhevun sit No. dyavet Tyamule vayaskar lokanchi soi hoiel. Mala tumchi shaniwari / ravivari asnari natke baghaichi astat pan kahi velela tickets sampun jatat krupaya sakali advance booking dhevlyas bare hoiel.

Anonymous said...

Aflatun vishy!!
Milind and Rasika, tumchi doghanchi kame zakas zali aahet. Khup divsani kahi vegle pahilyacha aanand milala. Kharch koutuk karayala shabdach nahit. Punha, punha pahawa asa prayog...
Script, Direction, acting sagle JABARDASTA...
Tumhala manapasun thanks aani navin pryog, navin vishy, yasathi All the Best !!


Dear Milind, Rasika and entire crew,

I feel you should respond to the comments and also should update blog regularly and if possible pl write in marathi so that you can reach large number of bloggers.

pushkar said...

Hi Rasika & Milind

Congratulations!!! It was a amazing play.
The script,acting set,concept was really wonderful and different.Even lights were wonderful.

I watched this play yesterday on march 18 at shivaji mandir. But still I laughing when I remember some dialog's.
I want to even appreciate the contrast which was projected between 2 different personalities one on chat and another in reality.

Thank You!!! for such a wonderful play.

Mahesh said...

Dear Milind & Rasika,

Mi kal Shivaji Mandir la Natkacha Prayog pahila, ani mala sangayla atyant anand hotoy ki ki ha tumcha prayatna AAA..PRATIM ahe. Natkachi Sankalpana,vishay,digdarshan, sadarikaran sarvach baju atishay surekh ahet.Ashya dhadsi prayoga baddal apalya doghannche ABHINANDAN ani DHANYAWAD.


Mahesh Karkhanis

Deeptikshirsagar said...

Hi Rasika and Milind,
Natakacha subject evdha contemporary ani bold asun it was handled so amazingly by the two of you... sexual and day to day compatibility he donhi aspect itke important asunhi aajahi lagna kartana te taken for granted astat ... i think it was a very matured potrayal of both relevant issues... credit goes to great acting skills you both have. However ek prashn ahe ki ... hi maturity wayanusar kinva anubhavane yeu shakte athava ti evuch shakat nahi ... tar hach prayog thodya young generation la gheun kela tari tyacha relevanc ahe ka.. Karan he issues young generation face kartay..
But over all it was a great play on the whole..

Best Regards,

Keshav Kale said...

प्रिय रसिका व मिलिंद,
१८ मार्चला मुंबईला तुमचा प्रयोग शिवाजी मंदिरला बघितला.
तुम्ही दोघांनी खरोखरच कमाल केली आहे. नाटकाचे लेखन, दिग्दर्शन, अभिनय आणि बारीकसारीक पंच केवळ लाजवाब! चॅट करणार्‍यांना माहित असलेल्या सर्व खाणाखुणा, इमोटिकॉन्स् ची नक्कल, सर्वच स्तिमित करणारे होते.
मला तर वाटते की, मराठी नाटक कुठे पोचले आहे हे बाकीच्या भारत देशातल्या इतर लोकांना कळायलाच हवे, म्हणजे, जेंव्हा बाळबोध नाटके सादर केली जातात तेंव्हा ,आपल्याला, 'वरात' मधील 'रविवारच्या सकाळ' सारखे "आम्ही इथे आहोत' असे सांगावे लागणार नाही.
आमच्या सारख्या साठीच्या जवळच्यांना हे नाटक जितके आवडले, तितकेच किंबहुना त्यापेक्षा जास्तच, हे तरुण पिढीला आवडेल. कारण तुम्ही त्यांचाच प्रश्न अतिशय लाइटर मूड मधे हसतखेळत मांडला आहे.
बाकी, पंखा हवा की नको, टॉयलेटला ४५ मिनिटे लागणे, संशयीपणा , असे अनेक विसंवाद तर प्रत्येक जोडप्यात असतातच. त्याला पिढ्यांचे बंधन नाही! फक्त हे कंगोरे आमच्या पिढीने जसे समजुतीने सहन केले तशी आत्ताची पिढी करेल की नाही याची शंका वाटते.
तुमच्या दोघांच्या अभिनयालाही मनापासून दाद!
हे नाटक, फायनल ड्राफ्ट, माकडाच्या हाती .... सारखेच व्यावसायिक रंगभूमीवरही यशस्वी ठरो ही सदिच्छा.

Sanjay Salunkhe said...

Hi Rasika & Milind,

We saw this play at Maharashtra Mandal bangalore and it was a different experience for us, as we are away from Marathi natak from last > 01 yr.
Initially we were expecting for a serious, mature story, but relly hats of to both of you as the subject was very serious and it was not discussed so openly in our Marathi SAMAJ.You have handled very sensitive & delicate happening issue in our middle class families. Simply superb experience in Bangalore......
Sanjay & Tanaya Salunkhe Bangalore

Serendipity said...

I am so happy to have caught the show at Rangashankara in Bangalore. I thought it was an amazing play, not just for the brilliant concept, acting and direction, but especially for the multi-layered meanings and ideas that were there in the script. Inspite of the seriousness of the central thesis of the play, the brilliant dialogues and their deilvery, lent it humour, which had the audience in splits. I could connect with the play at different levels....Thankyou for a brilliant play!

Shyamala said...

very good..
Life with and without internet between the 'players' was portrayed in excellent acting, dialogs, light effects... great teamwork.
I enjoyed the play and both Milind and Rasika are fabulous.
all sides are very good.
Only, 'Prayogic Natak' has a point or a statement to make ... I think that was missing here.
all the best!

Wanderer said...

Hi WLANR Team,
I saw they play very recently. It was fabulous.
I guess cases like the one potrayed in WLANR are on a large these days. The internet media has changed the way people communicate and express themselves. And the best part of this media is that you can very well keep your identity a secret, or rather, you can keep as many identity of yours as you want..
and this creates the confusion...
the whole plot was too gud. a simple day to day story potrayed with grt strength and substance.
the best dialogue which struck me was when madhav says "tewha mala tuza dolyatla raag nai disat" which is the crux behind why people can be so different than they actually are while chatting...
well done..n keep it up..
Siddharth Bhide

Preetal said...

One of the best plays that i have seen in the recent time..... Amazing performances and really a great concept.

Really enjoyed watching it.... keep it up... and waiting for more such treats...!!!

amit said...

Hi Rasika and Milind,
Congrates and thanks for the play.


Anonymous said...

Hearty Congratulations for a fabulous play - we saw it at Emirates Theater- Dubai, UAE on last Friday.

It was a great show! Congrats to the team

Excellent acting and direction. Wish it had a definitive end. You see we all have grown up with stories which end like ... "...and then, they happily lived ever after!" May be the writer has left it to audience to decide what may have been the end since main subject is about 'communication'.

-- Vikas Deshpande

Shrikant said...

Watched your White Lily in Dubai. Brilliant Performance, very crisp script and charged acting. I just loved it.

Shrikant Rale

a said...

Baryach divasane man murad ani nikhal hasalo, Sarvanche abhinandan. In fact, step by step , it was just resembalance of daily chating. Wowwwww thats the only world.
Maharashtra mandal Dubai yanche hi abhar.

Illusion said...

Hi Milind & Rasika,

My Mother and Aatya went for this show and they loved it a lot! My mother has appreciated Rasika a lot, as she managed the Acting, Direction and Script of the play very well.

She has recommended me and my friends to watch the play..which I will soon enough.

Best wishes.

Satish said...

Hi Milind and Rasika

You have done a fantastic job.
A very good experimentle drama.

Rasika was too good... as always :)

One suggestion, the play should be for 18+ only. Pe rme kids above 15 and less tha 18 should not follow the sexual compatibility funda for their friendships as they are not enough mature to take this seriously and but they might simply follow the idea from the play.

Keep up the good work.
All the best for your next creation.


Tejaswini Vaidya said...

Namskar Rasika ani Milind,
Tumacha natak nustacha chan nahi tar vichar karayala lavnara ahe... Me mazya maitrina suddha sangitale ahe bhagalaya..
Abhinaya tali sahjata tumachya kadon shikavi... Me thanya la 21/6/09 la pahila... ani natakat budun ghele... Hat's off to you.
mazya khup khup subhecha...

yashashri upasani said...

yashashri Z 24 taas(its my individual comment)
hi rasika and milind

first of all a heartly congratulation and thanks a lot for giving such a wonderful play to marathi rangbhumi!basicaly i haven't seen the first hlaf of the play.but whatever i have seen it was just mind blowing!aatachya jamanyat internet ani computer ya 2 goshti tarunanchya ayushyata khup javalchya ahet.ani he natak baghtana mala janavl ki kharach aajche tarun ashach prakarcha vichar kartat.ani lagna, ,prem, sex ya saglyan vishyi tyanchya manat anek prashn ahet ani namk tumhi tyanche he prashna atishay arthpurn ani baghnaryala vichar karayla lavtil asech mandle ahet. tumchya doghanchyahi abhinayabaddal sangaych tar it was suparb yapudhe bolayla shabd nahit rasika ji tumhi tar tooooo gud!tumchya ya natkala prekshakancha bharbhrun pratisad milu det!ani ho mi punha ekda purn natak bghayla yenar ahe.pan ata sathi all the very best!keep it up.

Anonymous said...

This is great show hats off to Mr. Pendkar who show guuts to produce play on such subject without doing any business calculation against the profitabliity.

Off course Rasika and Milind did commandable job and no words left to say about thier performances.

Even the theme and central subject of this play is SEXUAL Relationship, this play not taking turn towrds vulgarity

Shyam Khaire- 9870334043

CheSa said...

Fundoo script, fabulous direction and excellent performances by Rasika & Milind. Hats Off 2 u both!

pracs said...

Hey Hello

I just watched your play at Nandadip School Goregaon; let me congratulate you for the extreme hard work that you made in your script and in acting. The topic was not that new but definitely a current one. The very first moments before you announce the play name were magnificent; you had a great hold at the beginning. Your script was live, to the point. Flow of the dialogue and the timing was perfect. You actually kept the audiences interest intact till the end dialogue. I had seen Hridayi vasant Phultana and had liked Mr Phatak ‘s acting, he was great there and in this one he was simply amazing . Very few people understand that the soul of any Play or Film is the script and not the actors. Actors are no doubt important but if your script is weak nothing can help you. White Lily and Night Rider have remarkable combination of hardcore appealing script and easygoing spontaneous acting. Thanks for giving me a visual treat; it was pleasure to watch an intellectual script. Rasika Joshi has made her own brand in acting and everyone has huge expectations from her, she was naturally fantastic. But I didn’t like the costume selection, apart from her white lilly attire, night gown the last green Punjabi.
I only lost my interest at the last moment; end was not with a bang. All the best for your further shows and hope to see such kind of quality script repeating with more and more dynamic subjects. Wana see more of Milind Phatak and Rasika Joshi, great show guys………

With Luv,

Hrishikesh Sonavani said...

Hi Rasika & Milind,

What should I say about it now. I'm speechless. You both need to be thanked for choosing this subject and presenting it in such a entertaining manner. Excellent script writing, direction, lighting and especially the background music.

The whole team does an excelent job on and off stage. Keep up the good work!

Would like to see more of such unique scripts from you.

Hrishikesh Sonavani

नितीन निमकर said...

प्रिय रसीका आणि मिलींद,

मी कालचा गोरेगावचा नंदादीप शाळेतला प्रयोग पाहिला. खर म्हणाल तर मध्यंतरालाच आत येऊन भेटून प्रयोग आवडल्याचे सांगायचे होते. पण नंतर लक्षात आले की तुमच्या ब्लॉगवर मला प्रतिक्रिया देता येईल आणि सर्वांना ती पहाता येईल.

हे नाटक म्हणजे मराठी नाटकाच्या इतिहासात एक मैलाचा दगड ठरेल यात मला अजिबात शंका नाही. काहीजण तंत्रज्ञानाचा समाजावर, कलेवर होणार्‍या परीणामांवर उगाच लंब्याचौड्या गप्पा मारतात. पण तुमची कलाकृती म्हणजे एक लाजबाब अनुभव आहे. तंत्रज्ञान, त्यातील बारकावे, इंटरनेटवर मिळणारा एकांत, खरी ओळख लपवण्याची सोय, त्यामुळे येणारा एक खोटा धीटपणा आणि प्रत्यक्षात भेटल्यावरचा अनुभव या सगळ्याचा वापर तुमच्या कलाकृतीत अक्षरश: मंत्रमुग्ध करणारा होता. काय नाही या नाटकात. हे आजचे नाटक आहे. मी तर असे म्हणेन जसे तेंडूलकरांच्या किंवा प्रशांत दळवी आणि चंद्रकांत कुळकर्णी यांच्या रुपाने मराठी नाटकाने नवीन वळणे घेतली तसेच वळण तुमच्या या नाटकाने मराठी रंगभूमीला दिले आहे. तुमचे दोघांचे आणि तुमच्या सर्व चमूचे मन:पूर्वक अभिनंदन.

मला वाटते की तुमच्या या नाटकाचे भारतातील आणि सर्व इतर भाषांत भाषांतर अगदी इंग्रजीसकट व्हावे इतके ते स्वयंभू आहे.

एक प्रेमाची सूचना करावयाची होती. कृपया गैरसमज नसावा. नाटकात एक वाक्य येते " मी तुझी मदत करेन(आपकी मदत करेगा) किंवा तू माझी मदत कर(मेरी मदत करना)" अशा संदर्भाने. हिंदीचा मराठीवरील हा अकारण प्रभाव टाळाव. मराठीत " मी तुला मदत करेन किंवा तू मला मदत कर" असे असायला हवे. नाहीतर सुंदर मराठीला आपण कारण नसतांना हे गालबोट लावतो.


नीतीन निमकर

Alhad Mahabal said...

नाटक आवडलं. माझ्या ब्लॉगवर नवीन पोस्ट टाकलीय. ती इथे वाचा.


RapidFire said...

I just returned from Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagriha and couldn't wait to log in and write my comments.

Well, the play is fantastic. My office colleages have been demanding a birthday party and I plan to take them all to the show next time as a treat.

The script, the acting everything is power-packed and professional. The audience was a bit restless as the show started 15 minutes late due to technical isses but once it started, everybody was enjoying every single moment of the play.

Just one suggestion: It would be more appropriate if the scene in which Bhakti discovers she is locked up alone in the room could be shifted to the second half.

Unlike the contemporary "comedy" shows, the humour is not artificial.

I liked the play thoroughly and would like to watch again.

Both Rasika and Milind carry it from start to finish in a terrific manner. A must watch for everyone (above 15 :-))

ujwal said...

Hi to the entire team of WLNR,entertaining & thought provoking play.Nowdays with recent plays, you never feel like going near the theatre, but if we get such plays the natyalovers like us will ask for nothing more.
i just want to make one suggestion.When madhav removes his wig in the play he is saying a very important dialouge simmultaneously. If he can do the action & then say the dialouge it will be better.As person is concentrating on his action & misses the dialouge. Just think about it.
Good work done, keep it up

Mrunal said...

Hi Milind and Rasika,

Ek atishay vegla ani ‘hot’ topic nivadlat tumhi in 'White Lily Ani Night Rider', and as far as you could, you have done justice to the subject. amazing direction, written very cleverly, and of course you are both great actors... it was a great experience, watching ‘White Lily...’

personally i think the problems Bhakti and Madhav face are not because of the fact that their relation initiates in a virtual world, or in the world of chatting, but it is more because of 'personality-clashes'... tya doghanchi itar dusrya kuthlyahi paddhatini olakh jhali asti tarihi tyancha relationship eventually patla nastach, karan mulat ithe 'medium of communication' cha nahi, tar 'swabhavacha' mudda ahe...

i think here the key point to be taken note of is that, one should be oneself and not try and pretend to be someone else, FOR ANY REASON AT ALL... if Bhakti and Madhav had been themselves even when they used to chat with each other, they would have easily realised that they are not made/meant for each other... karan White Lily is not what Bhakti is, it is what Bhakti WANTS TO BE... same for Madhav and Night Rider...

Natkacha shevat khup avadla mala... It is really sad that they both cannot come together in real life, pan keval attahas mhanun te dogha ekatra yet nahit, he avadla, ani patla... pan tarihi yatun jar tumhala asa vichar mandayacha asel ki ‘sare fasad ki jad “chatting” hai’, tar te chukicha asel, asa majha mat ahe...

सौ. अनुराधा सचिन म्हापणकर said...

व्हाईट लिली एन्ड़ नाइट राईडर..!
गुरुवारी दिनानाथला हे नाटक बघायचा, सॉरी अनुभवायचा योग आला..

खरतर शब्द नाहीत कौतुकाला.. तरी.. पोच दिल्याशिवाय स्वस्थ बसवत नाही. खूप दिवसांनी इतकं छान नाटक अनुभवलं. स्टार्ट टू एन्ड खिळवून ठेवणारे.. हसत हसत कानपिचक्या देणारं..! आयटी जनरेशनचे नाटक.. !

सुरुवातीलाच दोन आयडी चाट करताना ! त्यांनी एकमेकाना पाहिलेलं नाही, म्हणून अर्थातच त्यांच्या मेल आयडी गेट अप मधेच..! प्रत्यक्ष भेटताना तिचा संशयी स्वभाव.. चाट वर फेक नावाने वावरताना तसलेच संवाद फेकताना कम्फ़र्ट लेवल वर असणारे ते दोघे प्रत्यक्ष मात्र कम्फ़र्ट लेवल वर येऊच शकत नाहीत. भेटल्यावरच्य पहिल्या रात्री चाटवरचे नेहमीचे डायलोग प्रत्यक्ष जगताना त्यांच्या नात्यात येणारं अवघडलेपण, तिचे कपडे वाळत घालणं, मैत्रिणीला आधी अडचणीत सापडल्याचं स्वत:च सांगणं, आणि ती मैत्रीण पॅनिक होते आहे ते कळताच स्वत: सुखरूप असल्याच तिला सांगतानाचा त्रागा, नसलेल्या आईशी संवाद, कॉन्ट्रक्ट्स, भांडण झाल्यावर पेपर माध्यमातून घडणारा न्हवे.. उडणारा संवाद, शेवटी भांडता भांडता चाट वर बोलणं आणि बोलता बोलता कम्फर्टेबल होणं.. आणि मग.. शेवटी त्या व्हर्च्युअल नात्यातच रमणं !

हे एवढं सगळं आणि बरच काही, फक्त आणि फक्त "दोघं"च करत असतात.. नाटक पहाताना, पडद्याच्या आतली चौकट फक्त! त्यापलिकडे कुठलेच विचार ते दोन अडीज तास डोक्यात येत नाहीत. आणि नाटक संपल्यावरसुद्धा, (कदाचित अजूनही) पुन्हा पुन्हा त्या चौकटीतच डोकं अडकून रहातं.

या नाटकाने काय दिलं...
किती विचार..!!
व्हर्च्युअल रिलेशनला किती महत्व द्यायच? व्हर्च्युअल रिलेशन वास्तवात येऊ शकत का-
"हो.. नाहीतर उद्या यु ट्युब वर सर्फ़ करताना आपणच आपल्याला दिसायचो" (हे वाक्य तर भन्नाट) नुसत्या नेट ओळखीतून प्रत्यक्ष भेटतानाचा धोका!
खरतर ह्या रिलेशन मधे नायकाने नायिकेला फसवलेलं नाही, तरीसुद्धा "एका सकाळी तिला जाग आली असता ती एकटीच असल्याच तिला कळतं तेव्हाची ती पाच मिनिटे आणि त्यात येणारं मध्यंतर" यामधे त्या धोक्याची चुणूकही तुम्ही दाखवून दिलीत.

इन्टरनेट, चटिन्ग, त्यातून जन्माला येणारी व्हर्च्युअल रिलेशन्स चांगली की वाईट हा पोकळ वाद घालत वा एकाच बाजूचे उद्दातिकरण करण्याचा वेडा प्रयत्नही नाही तरीही हा विचार/ निर्णय प्रेक्षकांवरच सोडताना स्वत: नामानिराळे राहिलेला नाहीत. कस्सलं बेअरिन्ग राखलंत..! सल्युट तुम्हाला!

Hats off To, रसिका , मिलिन्द...
आणि सर्वच टिमचे मनापसून अभिनन्दन आणि खरतर खूप खूप आभार!

अनुराधा & सचिन म्हापणकर
Email :

With Warm Regards,
Anuradha Mhapankar

ashish said...

Rasika and Milind,
Congratulations.. Its really wonderfull play. Both r u fabulous.. no words.
Rasika, nice to see u again.
and Milind u also done good job, really fantastic.
khup khup aavadla..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rasika & Milind first of all Congrats for this masterpiece creation with a difference,



Anshuman said...

just yesterday I have watched the play. for many days I had planned for it. first of all I feel that even irrespective of any criteria the audience is not that sincere enough for your play. I know the audience is god for any performer.(I am closely related to your profession - my many friends like abhijeet chavan, shirish latker, even my brother are making careers). still this is what I feel. Secondly I felt your play does nt discusses deeply about the central topic. whether it is time factor, or limitations of medium i dont know.
Last, I sincerely thank you for the performance. becos at any point I felt both of you are not playing to the GALLERY. A fabulous job!

I am waiting for more and more fantastic plays from you and your team.

Anshuman Mhaskar

MAXimus said...

आत्ता (दि. २ जुलै,२००९) शिवाजी मंदिर येथे नाटक पाहिले.
अप्रतिम झाले आहे. अभिनंदन..
या आधी रसिका आणि मिलिंद तुमचा अनुक्रमे ""नेव्हर माइंड" आणि "ताळेबंद" यांतील अभिनय सर्वोत्क्रुष्ठ वाटला होता. पण आज निश्चितच तुम्ही एक नवी उंची गाठली. विषेशतः भक्तिचे माधवची "पताका" पाहुन अंगावर काटे उभे राहणे किंवा माधवचे माधव आणि नाइट रायडर यांत सतत होणारे स्थित्यंतर....
कोणी कितीही म्हणाले की इंटरनेट चॅट सारख्या पार्श्वभूमीमुळे हे नाटक आजचे आहे तरीही ह्याची अपील कालातीत आहे ती ह्याच्या विषयामुळेच. आणि विषेश करुन तो ज्या पध्दतीने हाताळला आहे त्यामुळे....
व्हा.लि.आ.ना.रा. च्या संपूर्ण टीम ला अनेक शुभेच्च्छा...

Omi said...

Hello Rasika and Milind,

It is a very good play. I related to this play at first because, I and a girl used to chat on net quite often, but we had never mate.
We had really good chat every time, we cracked jokes and 'talked' extensively on no matter what subject. But when we actually mate in the college, there were very few things to talk about... a HI and soon BYE!
He he that's quite funny. But you play truely depicts certain realities of our generation. It gets unfolded during the course of the play that how different and seemingly very simple problems can affect the "Compatibility" in question. Mere sex can not be the deciding factor. Traditional marriage needs a lot of adjustment from both the sides but especially from the wife. That can not be the answer to all things today...
Yes a certain things remain unaswered, but that's what audience is expected to do.. THINK!!!

Sunil said...

khupach channnnnnnnnn

Archana said...

Life is an Illusion!

What you believe is the way you chose to live.

From birth to death life is a game of matching Dream with reality. Wherever they coincide life is a symphony, wherever they don’t we gain "Experience". On every path there is some contentment and some disappointment. The journey is on with new dreams and new realisations.

White Lily and Night Rider seem to struggle to match their dreams with reality. Whether they failed or succeeded is a mystery.

It was indeed a drama with great substance, a mature subject, fluent storyline, well thought dialogues & well drafted scenes. Overall it is a truly entertaining and thought provoking drama.

The creativity of Rasika, Milind and the team is really commendable.

A special mention that the effect would have not been the same without Rasika..

All the best!!!

-Archana Iyer

Nilima said...

Hi Rasika!This is the2nd time am seeing this play n i again enjoyed it very much.Ur concepts n ideas r fabolous.In a short time u have shown indepth the falacies of human nature.I loved the whole play.i wish the new generation sees it.All the best....NILIMA

Anonymous said...

Dear rasika &milind,
Wonderful experience. Saw the play at vishnudas on 4th july.
The parallel between ‘virtual’ relationships and so called ‘honest and real’ relationships was a stupendous realization. Te khup angaavar aala.
The last scene where the two realize their incompatibility in real life and return to chatting was a little verbose. The play loses its compactness for a few minutes. But this is ‘baal ki khaal nikaalna’.
Can we dare to make a suggestion? In one of the scenes, Bhakti talks about ‘abhi’ her ex-b.f, and that she has never had anybody in her life since then. At that point, madhav has a chance to say ‘mag kaay, ‘abhi’ nahi to ‘kabhi’ nahi ki kaay?’ just to probe deeper without seeming too inquisitive.
But we need to watch it for a second time to enjoy all the punches and dialogues and pauses. Anyway all the best for a great success.
Savni and Prasad godbole @ pen

amit said...

fantastic natak.........
khup khup khup khup aawadale. lekhan, abhinay, prakash yojana, sangeet, nepathya sagala kaahi chhaan jamun aalay. khup diwasaani ek changala natak paahilyache samaadhan milaale.
vishesh mhanaje mala concept khupach aawadala aani vinodhi..

chaitrali said...

my name is sushma deodhar.I saw the drama whitelily and night rider with my aai (age)81.i like to very much but,she is not ready to appriciate the story.othervisethe gating of the actors the script lighting set desghining was perfect for the story(KATHA BEAG)congrats.

Mangesh said...

Congratulations!!! It was an amazing play. I watched it yesterday in Bal Gandharva !
The script,acting set,concept may be something unique for Marathi and Indian stage, but not for world standards. I think Marathi artists have the capacity to produce something original and of world standards, hence this comment.

But most important aspect of your play, I think, is boldly putting forward an alternative to age old, rusted and outdated Indian marriage institute. This, I should state, is a proclamation of certain Manifesto of new marriage form. And this form appears to be much more realistic, democratic and human than old Indian marriage institute, which Indians in their majority still religiously cling to. I really pity even well educated and so called “forward” otherwise yuppies/NRIs (not talking about “am janata”) who publish their bride/groom seeking ads in newspapers, in which such an archaic and pathetic phenomenon as caste is given a top priority, and stand for marriage as per their elder relatives’ wish and pragmatic (read monetary) interests, and where the bride and groom still hardly know each other before marriage. Which leads to constant coercion – of bride (leading to often “in marriage” rapes and violence) and even grooms – nobody, even the bride/groom themselves seem to have any regards to their feelings and compatibility - first of all in sex, which is a most important part at the beginning of any marriage! Thank you Rasika and Milind for putting up such thought provoking act, besides a hilarious comedy !

Anonymous said...

Rasika and Milind are great ! so is the dialogue writing, direction and the theme. but somewhere in their fights the actual concept is left behind and they fight just as ordinary husband and wife. the concept of different personality doesn't come forward from their fights. so also the sexual compatibility has no much relevance to the crux of the concept of play. you should have shown the opposite personalities of real and virtual persons. even at the age of 36 and 39 the persons who are desperate to get married dont do waste time in checking compatibility.

Rachana said...

Bhakti & Madhav - understand that they are different personalities while chatting & otherwise.

Reason for their remaining unmarried till now is that they feel no one stands as per their expectation and fear of failure.

As it is person's nature, attitude becomes rigid and adjustment cap. decreases along with the increasing age (In majority cases).

In the case of Madhav & Bhakti, Compro. or Adj. is already out of question. (Coz they would have done it long back & got married)

So, obviously - no marriage - Enjoy chatting.

Actually, it not flat story of 2 unmarried persons. It has got many angles & depth.

Anand said...

Saw the show at Shivaji Mandir on 10th July. I knew Rasika as a good comedian.I had not seen Milind Phatak on stage before.Rasika and Milind(if both of you are co-authors and co-directors) you have touched upon a very sensitive suject of Modern generation very effectively.You have given a subtle message to New generation that a successful Marriage entails compromise of many things for both partners.A MUST watch for all young generation who want to enter"Grihastashram".All other aspects dialogues, acting costumes,lightingetc ,SUPERB. One suggestion...the Background music during small interludes and at beginning is too Loud.can it be played at low volume? OR can you choose a better tune? I did not understand why you have chosen this particular tune and that to at such high pitch.Are you trying to suggest that new generation likes such high pitch Music?

Anand Ukidwe(age 64 yrs)

Anonymous said...

Just saw the play at Prabodhankar Thakray Natyagruha, Borivali.
Though the play was entertaining, but got bored on maximum places, the play did not get hol on many places. The play has only 2 charactors but can only see the maximum efforts of Rasika Hoshi only. Milind evadhe open zalyasarkhe vatale nahit. Kahi prasha hi padle... 1. Jar white lily itki bold aahe tar under garments valat ghaltana lavun ka hevavishi vatatat? 2. Nite Rider cha role jar define kela gela asel tar to titakasa baher yet nahi kiva to samanya audience paryat pohochat nahi....etc...
Films peksha mala natak baghayala aavadate tyamule mi natakacha manmurad aanand gheto aani tyamule varil prashna vicharnyache dhadas kele...

Mayur said...

Hii Rasika n Milind,

Outrageous!Fantastic!Impressive!Fabulous!Outstanding!Incredible! d words r so limited for u r "fabulous" play.....i saw u r play yesterday n simply found it amazzing..That's a commendable job by both of u....Rasika u r awesome v love u r acting skill.Very wel seems to b real...It's been a pleasure to watch u r superior play..You both have a lot of talent....Keep up the good work..Kawabanga dudes!u both rockk....keeep going.......

REKHA said...

it was a brilliant show which I saw at Thakare hall on 11th july.
Excellent performance by both Milind & Rasika. A bold subject presented in modern concept.
I appreciate the announcements regarding use of mobile phones,banning children below 15 yrs etc.It was apt to stop the play for a while when someone's phone rang up inbetween.
When you expect your viewers to observe such rules we as viewers also expect reciprocal professionalism from your side.
The play started 20 minutes late.Delay in starting the play was not even apologized later.
Professional doctors like me save time to see your play & are frustrated at such attitude towards viewers.
Kindly make a note of this point next time.
Dr. Rekha Lanjekar

NANDU said...

very good play.. was absolutely enjoyable

Amit said...

Hi Rasika and Milind,

It was an amazing experience to watch you both in such a fantastic play. It was high time I saw something like this.

However, it would have been good if the play had a definite end instead of keeping viewers guessing waht happened next.

Bhakti and Madhav being two entirely different personalities OL and in reality, it would have been great to know whether they came together finally or kept meeting OL only.

All in all, it was a great experience.

P.S.- Kindly try to start the show on time. It was almost half an hour late at Prabodhankar on 11 Jul 09.
Also it would be great if you could take up the matter of faulty sound system at Prabodhankar to concerned authorities. It was pain to guess dialogues from the balcony.

Thanks and regards,
Amit More (asl-23/M/Mumbai)

Aniket said...

I watched this play on the recommendation of my father and trust me it was excellent. Its truly a novel concept experimented in the best manner which touched the sensitivity of a topic unfortunately considered taboo. It was presented in a hilarious manner and the outright spontaneous actions of Rasika Joshi are truly commendable. Milind Phatak came as a surprise compared to his other roles that Ive seen before. Brilliantly scripted and directed. Bravo keep it up and I am sure to recommend this as a must watch for everyone and it surely has come as a great concept in years...Keep it up and all the best...Am eager to see more of your plays in the coming future...

Wish you all the best
Aniket Keluskar

dr.rahul patil said...

hello rasika & milind

khoop mast play kelyabaddal manapasun abhinandan.....!!!

tumhi atishay vegla touching vishay mandun tyala atant sanvidan shil padhatine hatalala ahe.

doghanchahi abhinay nirvivadpane
changla aahe..
specially rasika pen magate ti action tar superb aahe...
chatingchi thodyafar pramanat khilli udavinarya ya natyanantar tech aaplya communication che madhyam banle ha hi ek black-yogayogch mhanava ki kaay...???

मिलिंद घैसास said...


नाट्यप्रयोग खुपच छान आणि देखणा होता. नाटक संपल्यावर ते मध्येच संपलं असं वाटलं. पण थोडा विचार केल्यावर त्याला फारसा काही पर्याय नाही हे सुद्धा समजले. असो.

एक बारीकशी सुचना. सोमणांच्या मित्राच्या घराच्या दाराला (चामारी फारच च्या झाले) आंगचे कुलूप आहे (latch), ते काढून टाकवे. कारण जर दराला आंगचे कुलूप असेल तर सोमणबाबा पॅटीस आणण्यासाठी नुसते दार ओढून जातील. असो.


bheeshoom said...

शनिवारी नाटक पाहिलं आणि आज लिहायला बसलोय! चांगलं, अति-चांगलं याला समानार्थी / तत्सम जेवढे शब्द असतील तेवढे सगळे तुम्हाला! अफलातुन नाटक झालयं. जाम जाम आवडलं मला.. आणि माझ्या बंधूला पण. भक्ति आणि माधव दोघांचं चॅटींग, संभाषण जबरदस्त! रसिका आणि मिलींद दोघांचा अभिनय, दिग्दर्शन, लेखन लाजवाब! नेपथ्य मस्त! प्रकाश-योजना भन्न्नाट!!!

नाटक प्रभावी आहे! थिएटर मधून बाहेर पडलो तरी, नाटकातून बाहेर यायला वेळ जातो!

काही खटकलेल्या गोष्टी - नाटकाचं सुरुवातीचं संगीत जरा जास्तच खेचलयं असं वाटलं. भक्ती स्वतःच स्वतःला फोन कसा करु शकते??

milind said...

Hey Milind & Rasika,
I have follwoinh comments to be made.
(1) Both of your acting was much above par.Excellant,i liked it.
(2) the theme and concept was good,but it was bit confusing.
(3) I found drama a mixture of comedy+ serious.
(4) as a regular drama watcher,I coudl not take back a message from this act!!!
Never teh less,all teh very best and have many more sucessful shows.

surgeon said...

Dear Rasika and Milind

Great presentation! What i liked most was your ability to handle a totally new subject so efficiently. I tried to find at least one lapse but could not, it is very rare to see a show where there are no errors to complain about. Such good shows give a certain level of satisfaction to the viewer and that you achieved!Due to my professional compulsions i hardly watch TV and therefore was not aware of two of you, but the first impression was fantastic. Would never miss a play if you two star again. Kudos!

dr. shreedhar archik

swati said...

Hi !

Sahhiiiii natak !

The best script, the best acting, best expressions... everything is best!

I can say it a miracle of the two people on stage!

Exact expressions of the feelings of the 30+ unmarried 'lagnalu' & iternet addicted people.

Congrats for choosing such concept & handled it so nicely !


S. Swati

Kavita said...

Very appealing & worth watched. Dokyacha purna bhunga karun takla. Congrats to both. Rasika Johi tar hitcha aahe.

Rutu said...

hi milind da n rasika di ,
tumcha natak kup mhanje kup awdl , mhatl lgech tyawr comment dyawi , mhanun lihil , pn sglya young generation ne awarjun pahawa as natak ahe agdi, mhanun hyache jastit jast shows whave hi ek chotishi request, pn u both r ROKING N FABULOUS hya natkane marathi natakancha darja nakki unchawel, ani BEST OF LUCK FOR UR FURTHER SHOWS N SUCESS

Stephanie said...

Prayog khupach chaan hota.. thode serious moments pan hote.. I was lucky enough to sit close to Ashalata (marathi actress) & Sukanya Kulkarni.. It was a visual treat to see them so closely.. Lucky enough to get d first row seat @ Shivaji Mandir, Dadar. I was so happy yesterday.. Also I liked Rasika's acting.. It was funny to see her get angry on Madhav & her reaction on that.. Nice comedy.. Nice story.. but they shud hv shown d ending tht they get married..
Best Wishes..


JSincro said...

I just now watched the play and sat down to leave a comment on your blog. We , In Goa , dont get to see good plays very often! Our people here are hungry for dramas that are intellectual, and genuinely comedy and have different concepts! Your play has all of the above! I thoroughly enjoyed watching your play! There is not a single flaw to complain about! Right from your "Instructions" at the start of the play, your concept, the touch of reality, acting, and giving of due respect to all the technicians and asking for feedback!

I would definately like to recommend this play to all my friends!

Congratulations, and Keep up the good work!


Janaki Shinkre Raiturkar

ashokkumar said...

Hi Milind ani Rasika,
Hearty congratulations for trying something very different form the current plays of comedies
Marriage is a very complex, unrosolved subject, you have touched.Naturally, it will be difficult to expect satisfactory answer on the stage show.
You have touched this generations' loneliness,inability to get adjusted to others.Differences in the personalities are a common things, but adjustability & compromise levels have come down.So,rather than getting married & getting trapped in a no return situation,one is still preferring to be alone.This may be due to inability or lack of courage to face the reality.
There can be hundred different opinions about the story,presentations,thechnicalities,I don't think that is very important.Both of you have acted brilliantly.Once again congratulations.Keep it up!!
Dr.ashok patil

Ramaa Talwadker said...

hi rasika and milind ji..
liked the play very much. the acting was superb. after going home we were all still talking about the show. smallest of details were shown very precisely. but 1 flaw which i think would need correction is when she tries to phone him and he says headpones were on couldnt hear the calls, is not what happens in the normal case. the ring goes thru the headphone. i feel tht sentence needs to be changed.
but was fabulous watching the drama.. all the best..

Ramaa Talwadker ,
Kalangan, Margao, Goa

Melroy said...

Me tya diwashi shivaji mandir la 1st row madhye basun prayog pahila.Humm khup majja aali infact me suddha asha prakarech maza chat frendchya premat padalo ani sadhay tichyashi chaturbhuj honyachya watewar aahe.kahi prasang tarr agadi amchay aayushyatalya sarakhe Hubehub aahet.baghun kharacha majja aali Milind Phatak n Rasika taai che kaam kharach aflatun hote.Tichya ekandar dehbolitun ti harach pastishichi awiwahit pan wiwahechhu stri watat hoti.Pan jarr doghe shewati nusate chat frenz na rahata navara bayko zale asate tar barr watal asat khartar sukhant pahayachi saway zaali aahe mhanun baki kaahi nahi.U guyz really ROX... All D BEST for ur future projects.

Rajashree said...

Hi Rasika & Milind,

Heartiest congs to both of u for grt performance.

I saw ur performance in DOmbivali. Actually giving u reactions quite late....but as we all say its never late. I actually wanted to say sorry for inconvienience u had. Performance started little late because of "..." some reasons. But u made us happy. Thanks

It was grt(infact m using net short hand he he..)to see internet savvy people in love. See how difficult it is to communicate. And u established it very strongly.

It would be real fun if i had a chance to see it with hubby. But enjoyed it with my mother-in-law n aunt-in-law. I explained the words of net. Techinques n then they started enjoying.

i think u must b facing problem when viwers are senior citizens. Rather people who are unaware of net.

But a small question from my side. As they r different personalities while chatting n meeting. Then what will b end. They got married n had normal life with acceptance of each others nature. Or seperated n things got wiped off??

chal mag bbye. u guys keep it up n take very good care of urself.

Rajashree Chitale

mahesh pawar said...

This is Advocate Mahesh Pawar, from Mumbai and today at Shivaji Mandir (a so called theater which does not have proper sitting arrengement)I saw your marathi drama and I was glad. Well there are too many reasons for me to be happy but one of them is your drama as I dont prefer to see marathi drama for the reason as the marathi theater writers are not grown up from four walls like a room in chawl or a flat, or a bunglow. I am happy that you dared to take us out of these four walls. (THE WALL bY Pink Foyd A Rock band from 1970s)Anyway, I liked your courage to stage such kind of subject before so called educated Marathi people who thinks that they knows everything. According to me you could have done much better show had it been a parallel theater such as NCPA or PRITHVI. But if you have certain professionl limitations, try to get over them and place the real problems berfore the audiancs. I also understand after reading all the above comments that people are more curious about the end as wheter both the charecters get married or not ...and that is my point...guys remember one thing that we are in India and our audianse needs a concrete end, they dont want to think and or pressurise their brain, but I must appriciate you that you are making people to think on that path. Its a job of an artist , writer, lawyer, Professor doctor ...which we all are forgetting ( Ref:- Mumbai D-Intelluctualised: rise and Decline of Culture of Thinking, by Aroon Tikekar, Published by Promila & co., available only at Strands Books Stall In entire Mumbai). I have just started this book and I came accross with your drama and I am happy that somebody in marathi theater is trying hard to creat some intellegence in DUMB MARATHI Audiance created by Shri Sudhir Bhat, Smt. Lata Narvekr, Shri Kedar Shinde, Shri Santosh Pawar...well the list will go on but they are so many people whome I cant remember also who have playd with Marathi Audiance's brain and made them DUMB for thinking. All these people have arrested the thought process of Maharashtra and hence we can see the downfall of Maharashtra in all sencen whether its political, social or cultural. I appriciate your drama for many reasons , one more of them is the age factor of both the charectors. Its fabulas. its objectons time...try to show this drama in rural part of Maharashtra as the youth over there is also net savy which I have noticed, Secondlly (I know that its hard but still)try to communicate with audiance about the end result through SUTRADHAR or in Title as our audianse is not that matured specially the young generation. The youth is blindfolded about the sex and its need and they wont understand the real meaning of communication which is by way of touch , kiss, look, which you are trying to tell hem. In a way, we all have failed to teach them and all the blaim goes to the education. Therefore in my opinion as an artist and since you know your target audiance, you must communicate them the end result. ( here in hindi film, even if the charector dies and becomes a ghost he has to say that " arre mai mar gaya aur mera bhoot ho gaya" just to make audiance aware that he is dead). Any way I am really happy that you are coming up with such good and revolutionary concepts without any plagarising which most remarkable. All the best or Future. You can mail me for any querries on, and
Mahesh Pawar
Legal Acumen
Lawyers and Attornyes

Deepak said...

Thank you, for creating such a beautiful and engrossing play, of very high caliber. Me and my wife, both enjoyed it.

vinay narayan said...


I watched your play alongwith my wife today at Borivali with Gr8 expectations. To some extent i was pleased. But... at times it becomes too much talkative. Further, sex compatibility does not mean only physical sex. In my views it includes romantic shades of a persons. WL never thinks only abt sex. Also they do not talk abt whether one likes other forms of sex like oral sex etc. Nowadays this is also counted. Play ends with one line of writer that she goes with the romantic round on the bike. it may be her fantasy. I would have given a solution that they started staying together as neighbors either in Pune Or Mumbai and share their life and loneliness without getting married and also having sex life without insulting/shouting at each other.

Lastly, you cannot be your own censor board to ban audience below 15 age. By doing that your play is closing door of indirect sex education.

I have a question can you draw a picture or painting and say no this cannot be watched by person below 15 ? Like a writer you have freedom of expression all others have a freedom of watching. At the most you may appeal Parents not to bring their kids below certain age if they are going to feel awkward due to subject of the play.

Finally it is a successful play on certain counts.
All the Best.


vinay narayan,

Gaurang Bhatt said...

Hi WLANR Team,
I am a gujarati from Mulund and I understand and am fond of Marathi Theatre very much.
There is dirth of quality plays in gujarati and marathi theatre .
But I heard about this play and the concept itself is winner .

With my friends I am very eager to see WLANR .
Please keep up this kind of work , we drama lovers are hungry of such plays.

Shubha said...

hi Rasika & Milind,

hats off to both of you!

Kal Rangayatanla show pahila, apratim, no words.

khup khup chhan lekhan & acting also.

evdhya thodya velat khup goshti mandlya ahet.

Tila expected knight rider actual life madhe khup vegli personality nighali. To chat var comfartably aggressive ahe ani pratyakshat nahi.

tyachpamane tyala avadnari white lily pratyakshat emotional tar nahi pan khup strong personality ahe.

both of them r comfartable on chat but not in actual life.

pan tari mala watla jevha te pratyaksha bhetle tevha jari kahi views match nahi zale tari pan to imagination madhlya white lily madhe tar invole ahe ,same way ticha pan ahe.

Mala phakta end msg tumhala nakki kay dyaycha te janun ghyayla khup avadel.

tyanche actual views match nahit mhanun tyani lagna karu naye ki imagination madhle views match ahet mhanun tya personality shi adust hota yete ka te pahave??



Sonal said...

Hi Rasika and Milind, Exceptional play and a very very new topic. Both your acting is just fantastic and keeps the viewer guessing what will happen next through out the play.

We would appreciate more such latest topic plays in the future.


Archana Karlekar said...

Dear Rasika Joshi & Milind Phatak,
Hats off to you for handling this day to day life situation in many lives but was never put so frankly in front of people. Tumhi barobbar attachya pidhichi nas pakadli aahe.
It was a fantastic projection. Rasikaji you are marvellous.the ease with which you move on stage. I have seen Rsika Joshi on the show of Nakshantrache dene for kids, Ben baa in Bandini on NDTV Imagine & this stage. All the roles though entirely different but you seem so natural in each of them. I liked the dialogues & their perfect timings with perfect pauses which made it very hilarious but at the same time, makes you think at the back of your mind at the same time.
Milindji- what a change in your roles in Kulavadhu & this play. The voice modulation you have made when you are a night rider & the one when you are Madhav Soman. I am all praises for your fantastic experiment.

vish said...

congratulation for a fantastic ply. i enjoyed very well.
tumhi yevdha serious vishay yevdhya gamtidar pane kas mandala ani yevdhe vinod kse tayar zhle tyach kod kahi sutat nahi, pan ho khup chan vishy ani hatalahi chan, hastahasta dolyat pani anane mhnje kay tar te he,mhnje eka thravik vargyache te emotion ani dukhch ahe....pan any way khup chan ani me khup janana he natak pahayala sagital ahe ani asech vishya gheun ya best of luk.

Anonymous said...

natak awdle,chatting varun mat banavnyapeksha pratyaksha ajmavne changle, mulgi dhadasi asli tari security mhanun aai bhau ahet ase bhasawte te awdle

Rhutuja said...

मिलिंद आणि रसिका,
नाटक एकदम झकास आहे
खूप आवडलं
नाटकाला जाताना मध्यान्तारातच परत येऊ,वैचारिक असेल असे वाटले होते
पण अगदी शेवटपर्यंत खुर्चीला खिळवून ठेवणारे नाटक आहे
विनोदी ढंगाने कुठेही कंटाळवाणे न वाटता लोकांपर्यंत पोचणारे नाटक
तरुण पिढीच्या मनाला भिडणारा आणि पटणारा विषय
दोघांची कामं एकदम उत्तम झाली आहेत
आई बरोबर पाहताना ही अगदी comfortable वाटले
awkward वाटले नाही ....

Subhash G Shukla said...

Congratulations. Good show. Superb Acting. And the subject untouched earlier taken in spirit.

However; both Bhakti and Madhav - what ever they do will go wrong, that the stance taken by writer, hence sex compatibility at the age of 36 being demanded by Bhakti is not logical, and gives feeling that bought in for the sake of boldness. The wordings, agreement etc did not persue what writer wants to say.

Appreciate daily compatability concept and valid going forward for the two guys in play.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

The play was very good. Entertaining. YOu should target youth audiance. The show is based on harsh reality in IT sector who are at the terminal almost 12 -14 hours a day. Jobs at the cost of personal life.
Agressive marketing to target youth audiance will fetch you good returne.

Sudhir Salke said...

Really Great and extraordinary Play!

A new trend has been initiated with this.
But some point in my view are....
Story must be more concluding.
Music can be improved.
Set height should be more(1 mtr more.

But ultimately Great Creation from Milind & Rasika.

Thank you and All the Best!

Grishma said...

Hi Rasika & Milind,

natakacha vishay kharach faar chhan ani navin aahe........doghanihi aapali bhumika uttam vathavali aahe....fakta natakacha shevat ajun clear asayala hava hota.....

Prasad1979 said...

mala ending khatkal. baki sarv chhan ahe. shevti tadjod tar karavi lagtech especially when u r soo late.
abhinay utkusht. He Rasikachya career madhali lakshaniy boomika tharel.

abhijeet said...

It is Mind Blowing play. Overall drama consists of Best Script, Best Performance, Best background music. This is generation next drama. Drama of 21st century. Hats off to Rasika Joshi & Milind Phatak's performance to hold audience for 2hours with just 2 characters. This type of drama should be requirement of new generation.

Dnyanesh said...

रसिका आणि मिलिंद !

तुमचे नाटक खरच खुप छान आहे . मी कल च बघितले म्हणजे २७/०९/२००९ मुलुंड कालिदास ला मला खुप आवडले.हे नाटक खरच डॉ.लागु ने सागितले तसे च आहे " आज चे आणि उद्या चे " खरच आज च्या जीवन मधे आमची पीढी अशी वागत आहे कारण वातवरण तसे आहे .
पण मी तुम्हाला एक सांगू इस्च्तो की तुम्ही नाटक च्या अगोदर २-३ गोष्टी चा खुलासा करावात म्हणजे ते इतर लोकाना सम्ज्याला सोपे जाइल Gtalk ,ORKUT आणि Yahoo msn हे काय आहे ते .ज्या लोकाना हे माहित नाही आहे ते लगेच समजतील .शेवट मधे जरा खुलासा करा की या चे लगने जाले की ते NET FRIEND च राहिले .

तुमचा FAN

avya said...

Congratulations for trying out a new paradigm in format and presentation. I am quite impressed with the theme and the way you handled it. Perhaps you needed to be bolder than what you were. The subject matter required it, or o I think.

The play however slips from its "new technology" paradigm into the routine "man-woman quibble" from the point the guy says - I need to to see you in day-to-day life. All the fun and punch (I might end up watching myself on UTUBE kind)is lost and I am left with the feeling of watching a normal melodrama with loud shrill acting by Rasika.

I would love to see the play again. The theme is great - contemporary and yet eternal. The format is lovable. Just stick to the guts oif the theme and do not stray into melodrama.

Once again, congratulations on this wonderful experiment.

Avinash paranjape

Ashok Salvi said...

Dear Rasika & Milind,
Hats off to both of you for your mindblowing play.This play has got tremendous potential of a Hindi Movie (Multiplex class.
In fact I was parallely visualising the film while watching the play on 27/09 at Kalidas , Mulund.
Dr. Saheb mhantat he aajche aani udyache natak aahe. Me mhanto he aajche, udyache aani parvache natak aahe.

Ek chitrapat/Natyaveda
Ashok Salvi

kavita said...

Hi Rasika..
Fantastic play..acting,script, direction in fact aplya natakachya bhashet sangayche zale tar chan bhatti jamli ahhe..vishai tasa navin nahi pan rangabhumi chya drishatine keleli mandani ani tumha sarvanchya mehantine navinya alle..visheshta prekshakanchya natakatun baher padnyachi sandich sodali nahi.. superb milind and rasika..hats off..

Avdhut said...

I saw this on 10th oct. this is an awesome play.Rasiska joshi is best... the way she was carryin herself,talkin style all was gr8. thouth there were only two performers we could not feel anythin wrong. they carried it very well...
bharpur vegla vishy hota. vichar karayla lavnara vishay hota.
millind phatak were also good. he carried two roles very nicely.
happy diwali to both of you..
all de best...

Omkar Walimbe said...

mast ahe natak !
khupach chhan ahe !

the Bhalerao said...

i liked the play immensely. It was quite a bold and adept handling of all the issues. I would like to share one case I came across 20 yrs back. A couple in their fifties was seeking divorce. Their 2 sons were married. The couple said by the time they discovered incompatibility 2 sons were already born. For the sake of them they decided to defer the divorce till sons are grown up. However the judge refused divorce saying the incompatability was not pronounced and committment was more commendable.

atul6784 said...

Mr. Phathak and Mrs. Joshi mi tumhala congrats mhannyaaaivaji THANKS mhanin karan tumhi karan tumhi ha thoda vegla vishay maajasarkhya aacha navin pidhee samor aanlat..
kharach tumche dialouges ani expressions khup vaastavik hote.
he sagla aaj kharach khup pramanat ghadte ahe. ha vishay nusta 40sitla vayancha lokancha nasun indirectly 20shi te 30shitla lokancha ahe ani to khup changlya prakare lokansamor maandla ahe..
te net varche vagne ani pratyakshat tyanche bhetlyavar vagne hyat veglepan..nantar ekatra rahnyacha vichar mag tyanchat vaad vivad khup chaan dakhavle ahe..
khara tar he naatak thoda suspensehi vatla mala karan jithe interval ahe tithe prekshak nako nako te vichar karun mokle jalele bt dusra ankat veglach ghadte...
Now coming to the negetive part.. mi introduction vachle home page varche...tyat tumhi ase sangitle ahe ki hi loka june riti rivaj va sanskriti visartat ase dakhavle mala tar vatla nahi.. karan tyachi kute linkach lagli nahi..ani mi tari ha vichar kelach nahi naatak bagtana..kutetari made ekhada dialouge kiva chotasa scene takaila pahije hota jithe ha point lokancha consideration made yeu shakto. parat naatak baghun mala he nahi vatle ki tumhi sanskriticha visarnyachya mandlat...
maja mate tumhi he dakhavlet ki chat var bolne ani vastavik bolne vegle made phakta sanvaad sadla jato...pan to express kela nahi jaat..ani vastavikta made expressions pan kartana ekhada vaakya samorcha negetively pan gheto..mag to sanvaad bharkatat jato dusrikade...tevha tumhi dakhavlyapramane tyanni lagna karne va na karne ha ajunahi ek prashnach rahto...ekabajune asa vatte ki tyanchi 40shi ahe mhnun tyanni lagna karne bhaag ahe n they can cope up with their uncompability... dusrikade ase vatte ki tyanni lagna ka karave jar te ajibaat competible nahi ahet..if not considered d age...dusra hi koni yeu shakta aayushyat...
the last thing...
its not d neg thing bt a mistake made in d shw which i saw..
17/10/09 shivaji mandir..
interval cha veli rasika jhoshinchi expressions thode dull jale tyamule thodi grip sutli naatkachi...raatri je ghadla tyanantar sakali uthlyanantar aplyala gharat ekta kondla ahe asa dislyavar je expressions have hote te nahi milale thode loose padle te expressions..

Ekandarit mhanaiche tar naatak tarihi khup chaan hote....

Naresh said...

Dear Rasika & Milind,

i have seen your play, it was fabulous hats off to both you. you know people can not believe that it is happening in our real life also but they have to realise this is fact.
about the story god.... i m really a speach less yaar. it was damm good, i never seen this kind of plays ever in my life. i am really greatful to my friend abhay he given me this opertunity to see this kind of play.
can ask one quetion to rasika...rasika how do u get this idea in your mind because me and my friend abhay we are biggest fan of you, i have seen your very first play called "Gammat Jammat" it was awesome and after watching this play i am damm crazy about your acting i know you are a versatile actress.....i really love you a lot as a fan.


vaze santosh said...

keval apratim natak. marathit yevhadya vegalya aani aajachya vishyavarach natak aani bold mandani apekshepesha kititari changale
rasika aani milind che lekhan va sadarikaran khupach prabhavi vatale
hey natak sarv rasikanparyant pohochane aavashyak aahe

piny said...


rajesh said...

Congrats Guys........just an excellent play......Rashika baddal tar vadach nahi....she is just too gud...Hats off 2 Milind as well....ashi natka ajun yavit hich iccha....

sachin said...

One of the best plays that I saw after a long time!!

like that punch thev thev thev.

sugaraid said...

Just Fantastic!!!!!!!!
Need i say more?

Atul said...

Hey Rasika and Milind,
Nice play.. without taking this subject to the level of indecency u hv made it interesting !
The absence of background music in second half was noticeable.It was as if u go to a lovely dinner buffet, have a tasty 'dal-makhani- in first serving and on next serving u have to be satisfied on plain 'dal' since dal makhani got over..
Lightings and backdrop work is amazing..I feel the locked cupboard and locked windows were just a filler ..
All in all... a great experience for 2 hours .!!

Nyhra said...

A very well-made and well-displayed play. The different elements also have a simplicity that can be related to.

Great work!

Vivek said...

Dear Rasika & Milind,

I will like to Congratulate you for your Super Effort for making such a Great Drama. I was in Shivaji Mandir after ages (My Last Drama in Shivaji Mandir was Moruchi Mavshi) My Brother told me about the play & You Guys were Spot On.

I was there with bunch of my Gujju friends & believe me we all had ball. All My Friends are also Thanking You Guys for such a Magnificent Experience, Non Marathi friends enjoyed every second of it, we laughed our belly out. You both were Outstanding & Everything was Just Perfect.

Keep The Good Work Going. All The Best To You In Your Current & Future Ventures.

Thank You For Such A Fabulous Experience.

Best Regards,

Vivek & Friends

Kajal said...

hiiii rasika
play is suparb or the story the u have present its awosme...... my frind had watched or he likes so much ... i also wanted to seeee it ...kinldy updates me wheneevr u will be doing it in NAVI MUMBAI-VASHI, I MUST COME AND SEE TO IT...

kris_giri said...

solid jhakaas natak.............
all the things u both have worked out very well...right from mumbaikar to punekar's mentality...a man and woman's equations about life which have unknown imaginary terms in it and which requires a solution to solve it and that u both have tried to solve in this natak.


krishna kanakgiri

Janavi said...

hey Rasika, was a pleasure watching the play. very nice play especially for the young generation. really awesome. i loved to watch you both in the play and will definitely come to watch again.
great going guys. keep it up.

take care and keep entertaining us in the same way.

all my love Janavi Salgaonkar

Anonymous said...

My congratulations to Rasika for having the courage to tackle a subject that most playwrights are averse to. Act 1 set our (me and my wife saw the play) quite high. However, Act 2 did not live up to the expectations. The second act was repetitive and needs to be tightened. It almost seems that the two acts have been written by two different persons and the second act seems to take a completely different direction.
Not sure if I am qualified to make a suggestion (my only contribution to Marathi plays has been to try and see all types / categories of nataks): If Rasika could re-write the entire second act on the same theme as the first act, the play could become a model for the younger generation whose views on relationships seem quite frivolous at times.

Anonymous said...

hi rasika and milind....
d drama is too good.........
i think u both are at ur best..
mind blowing performance...
egerely waiting for ur next performance...

Apoorva said...

sahi hota!!! dialogs ani acting pan masta hoti!!! well done both of u and the entire cast as well!

hemangi said...

Hi this is Hemangi I had seen your play on 4th December at Shivaji Mandir first row first chair. It was really nice play i would apreciate the per formance of Rasika And Milind there was lot of mobile disturbance but still they perform best. Congradulations to you Rasika and Milind. you were looikng very beautiful in White dress. I like thia play. I woluld like to meet Rasika and Milind personally to thank both of them to perform for such a nice play.


Paperwala said...

A game of reality and virtual reality - A real young play

Brilliant play, going with the time, for which Marathi theatre is known for thew last several years. I must admire that you brought in all modern modes of communications like SMS, cell, TV and chat, and that too not as a gimmick but very much part and parcel of the theme, woven nicely as an essential ingredient.

I saw th show at Kalidas, Mulund, Mumbai on December 6. Unfortunately I felt that no youngster was present in the house. Actually they should watch it. I don't know if it is your regular experience or what, but if so then make special efforts to attract the Orkut/Facebook generation. I have asked my young son, who did not come with us, to watch the next available show when it is suitable for him.
Years back, when Chim.Tray.Khanolkar's Avadhya was staged by Amol, veteran critic Madhav Manohar had written an article "Marathi Natak Vayat Ala". I don't what he would said today. But I must say in a different perspective Marathi natak nusata vayat ala nahi tar matuerhi zala.
It is difficult to keep up with the time and you have managed to do the same extremely well. Three cheers and keep it up.
All the best.
(Using blog for for audience comments is also a nice idea of modern days.)
Milind Kokje

Rohan said...

Congrats to u two for bringing this issue in such a light way....
I saw u r show at Kalidas on 6th dec was really good.....

I guess milind's acts was over powered by Rasika
but all in all a very nice act
Thanks a lot and wish u all best of luck keep up the work

vaibhav said...

hiiiiiii milind n rasika...
kaay bolu? tumhi bolaayala kahi thevalach nahi....
cosept,script,lights,acting,music,expressions,set everything is too good....
and salute to rasika for her gr8 performance,
really mind blowing performance...

dr.vaibhav nimbalkar

sandhya said...

masta.fakta ek truti ashi ki jya vayaskar lokanna computer,chatting yabaddal kahi mahit nahi tyanna sarva barkave kalnar nahit.mi Dinanath la prayog pahila.tikde barech sr citizen hote.vishay adult asunahi kuthehi cheap nahi vatla.ulat tarun pidhi kuthe chalali aahe tyache bhaan aale.

Anjali said...

Cooool Dudes,
Great job. Refreshing performance.Rasika tuza unch zoka Apsara Talkies peksha unchach unch gela.
Milind u look too good with wig....Nehami vaparayala harkat nahi.
this time I watched the play alone but next time want see with my hubby. He is a movie guy but I am sure he would love this play a lot as its simply great.....& u know what IT'S DIFFERENT...
Anjali Joshi

amit said...

Hi Milind & Rasika
aaj 15th dec la gadkari cha show baghitla.Natak farach aawadle pan target audiance peksha khupach vegale prekshak aajachya natakala hote.I think this play is mainly for youngsters but today there were more senior citizens in audiance.You shold think of a different advertising method to attract youngsters.Also try to arrange more shows.
What this play need is a proper publicity.
Tumache content,subject abhinay mandani atishay chan ahe.sadhya latest release zalelya kahi nataka peksha tar farach chan ahe.
Keep up the good work.
Amit Moghe

prasad oak said...

hi rasika, milind, and dinu....

it was really a pleasure watching your play today... it was a fantastic and flowless performance..congrats to both of u.. and special thanks to dinu... tyachya sarkhya producers chi khuuuup garaj aahe aaj aaplya saglyannach..

vedya mansanni kelela aani ved lavnara natak..

sansar suru karnyapurvi kinva sansar tutnyapurvi pratyek jodpyani pahayla hava asa mahatwacha natak..

thanks a loooooooot to all yr team..

Anonymous said...

It was intelligent script and intelligent act too! Congratulations to both of you and your team.

But I felt it was incomplete. Had you made the definite end, it would have been better end. Basically both of them had understood that relationship is adjustment with each other. So it was obvious to have a positive end than just leaving both ends open!

manisha said...

hi, rasik nad milind,

kany sangu ani kontya shabdat sangu, tech kalat nahi, khupp chhan , tumha doghanchehi abhinandan, khup touching vishay niwadla tumhi, aaj 35 nantar lagn karane, ani net mule milanri jawalik, tyna nantar yenara ani hava havasa watnara duarawa...sagal kas tumhi jaschya taas ,prekhshansamor mandal, aaj samajala yachi garaj aahech, ani ek sangu rasika "natak" he muli yachsathi asat ki, tyatun kahi sambodh geta aala pahije, kahi shikayla milal pahije, ek wicharawa watat, natkacha end jo tumhi kela, to jara sawistar nahi watal, mhanje as bagh,shewati te doghe lagn kartat ki nahi ? he thodas anutirnch watal,,, karan tyat kahi clear nahi zaal, mhanje, lagn kartat ki, punha chatingch kartat, ?
baki sagal tar kharokhar shabdanchya palikade aahe.... sangu kay tyat ?

manisha & atul
99205 90495

ankita joshi said...

Rasika Ma'am and Milind Sir,

White Lily & Night Rider is pure brilliance :) in terms of its script, set up and of course...the performances!

Congratulations on its success and all the best :)


sachin said...

hi milind and rasika,
it was a fantastic concept designed by both of you & of course it was an excellent performance!
you acually handelled a very serious & debateble issue but with a comic sence.
hearty congrats to both of you for giving us such a wonderfull experience and also for making us to think over it seriously!

gauri & sachin.

Swarupa said...

hi Rasika and Milind excellent play on new genaration who give more importance to carrer and job and takes long time to get married and finally find lonely in this big world and take solance in the net chatting. they find compatibility while chatting but reality it is something different. its eye opener for todays new genaeration.

Jitendra Chavan said...

Hi Rasika and Milind,


Simply awesome performance!

I watched the play today at Dinanath on 30th Dec, and everything was perfect about the play (including the dialog "Mee Parlyachi Aahe"!!!), including the way you handled one of the spectators who had the audacity to take a call in the middle of the ending, very very intense act, when both of you had tears in your eyes. Truly Moving...

Amazingly awesome script, direction and of course performance!

bhushan said...

khupach chaan::::: rasika ek natural actor aahe tine natkaat jaast kam karayala hav. karan marathi madhe actors bharpur aahe pan actress tashya kamiich.punha pahayala aavdel>>>> best of luck.

Sawali said...

Ekdam Mast!!!
Rasika aani Milind both r just GREAT!!!
hoping more plays from you in year 2010

Happy New Year!!!


savitakamath said...

30 December '09 la deenanath natyagrih madhe natak pahile.
Natak atishay chhan ahe. Vishay bold asla tari kuthehi te vulgar vatat nahi. Veglach vishay ahe. Rasika Joshi ani Milind Phatak ya doghanihi kam uttam kele ahe. Mala natak khupach avadle.My best wishes to u all.
_ Savita Kamath

Suvarna said...

Hi Milimd/Rasika,
After thinking for a while I decided to see the drama.
And again I understood ... Durun Dongar Sajare ...jawal gelat ki katekute..If possible by all means better to be away from marriage and be lovers only.

Anonymous said...

I think the character of Bhakti is unnecessarily shown doing comic tricks. The play loses its tempor and the topic becomes personality problem (psychic) than a universal problem as it is claimed in this bolg.

Secondly the age should also been shown in 30s (may be late). Again the viewers start thinking that its an age problem the writers want to focus on. May be charcters are written to suite the ages of the artists.

Otherwise OK. Not so great!



dhaval vartak- Ahmedabad said...

i saw this play yesterday at ahmedabad.overall drama and concept was good.i like set (nepathya) most. as usual rasika tai was fantastic. i m fan of her from her gammat jammat.her performance was excellent.
milind fatak also good. dresses they changed too fast. really good drama, everyone watch once atleast.

shelina said...

Hello Milind and Rasika
I felt as if i am seeing real life story on stage.
As we feel comfortable online we do not feel in real life when interaction with strangers!
when online, we are like in dreams where the happenings do not harm us by any way but gives us happiness
In reality our actions develop real consequences of which we get scared of but still to bring the dreams in reality we have to take risk with due precautions !
For elders when no one lovable is around or where their is a social stigma to search a soul mate internet is the only convenient option and the story is all about this.
Both the characters looked lovable n real.
hearty congratulations.
Shelina Vaze


It was good expriment on marathi rangmanch.Currently marathi drama is not in a flow but in the same situation i thought you both gays are rocking


Sahayog said...

Dear Rasika and Milind
I am writing this comment just to encourage both of u write more and act in few more plays. About "white lily....rider". The theme selected was just superb. Something new after a long time!!!!!!! Hey i just want to tell both of you that in drama you may not be compatible with each other but your pair as an artist was a treat for eyes. Initially i thought milind and rasika, hummmmm jamega nahi. But to my surprise milind has made it so easy that i could not think any body else for the character. And Rasika i am not writing anything about you it does not mean you were not good or something like that. I will say you are just fabulous as usual. Your timing is just at par.

pankaj said...

Hi, Dear Rasika & Milind,
This is Pankaj DHumal from Mumbai
I saw your white-Lili & Night Rider at thane on 07-02-2010.
It was wonderfull . I really enjoyed it. MAST MAST MAST.
what fantastic live concept that you both have presented . What a brilient performance you both gave to us. I think every people must watch this.
but end i did not like . I couldnot understnd the end . I was confused. There must be proper end.
This is my thinking . ACTually "HATACHI PAnCHI BOTaaa SARAKHI NASATAT"
But you both are good . I would like to see you both in another "NATAK". You Both are MAST.
This was my FIRST "NATAK" in my whole life .I hope you are going to think another live concept very soon.
I am going to keep this "white-Lili & Night Rider Ticket" with me in my whole life for your memory. THANks

BEst Regards
Pankaj Dhumal


Hi Rasika and Milind,
We missed the play earlier when it was at SAVITRIBAI as the show was cancelled due to swine flu threat. However, we could manage yesterday at ATRE and we must tell both of you that it was amazing. We were very eager to watch this since we read the review. The understanding and tuning between both of you is simply great. We have a teenage daughter who could not accompany us as she is below 15. Dont you think that your play will appeal more to the net savvy people. As some references will go one foot above the head to those who are not so friendly with computers and internet. Anyway, even if one person in a couple is freindly with NET then its OK. Although I do not believe the concept of VALENTINE DAY, it was a gift to my wife on the eve of VALENTINE DAY. Thanks to both of you for such a beautiful play.

Anonymous said...

hallo dear milind and sweet sweet sweety rasika,

khupach chan paddhatit vishay mandala (survatila matra mazya dokyawarun jat hot) pan fakt ekach khatakal to mhanje shewat..... mala watat tumhi lagna ani prem hya donhi goshti vegalya paddhatit ani virodhi dakhwalya,karan te ekmenkanwar prem karatat, they have to eccept each other,karan prem mhanje ekmekana sahan karan....ani lagna mhanje hi tech......nahi ka? dont mind ha fakt abhipray ahe....becs i like it.(drama)

Ramesh said...

It was a thought provoking experience. Excellent performance by both. Congratulations

amol said...

Congrats Team WLANR...,

What I liked about the playwhich is unique about it... that it was inconclusive.

This is probably what happens to humans when techonolgy comes into play. Interaction between the two characters exactly shows what happens when you actually face the reality. Very impressed I am about the theme and it's implementation.

About the acting of Ms. Joshi & Mr. Pathak, what can I say accept that it was wonderful.

Please keep such unique and innovative themes coming.

Best Regards,
A. M. Hindlekar

Dr Manjiri said...

This is a very good play. But I don't think that it is the problem of this generation. Because they are 36 and 39 years of age. I liked the end though it is not that 'And They got Married.' I personally think that if really 2 people should marry, then they should marry to form a family that is to give birth to child. And once a child is born, generally they try to coninue the marriage. But it is very difficult that at this age any man or woman can adjust to each other if they test the compatibility before marriage. So I agree to every word in this play. Also really it is perfect blend of Allround show so deserves all the awards. Hearty Congratulations.

Mukul said...

Hello White Lily and Night Rider Team,

First of all, congratulations for winning Zee Marathi Awards.

Finally, I got lucky to see the play yesterday evening and cant wait to post a comment...

It is really a great combination of scfipt, concept, acting and direction and hats off to you guys for taking up such subject and handling it very neatly.....

I wish the whole team all the very best and we look forward for some more plays from you with some innovative ideas and concepts ....

Rahul said...

Dear Milind and Rasika,
Heartiest Congratulations!
A brilliantly written play with top performances (from both of you) makes it a 'must watch' play.
this reminded me of another brilliant play - 'Tumhari Amrita'(with actors shabana and faroukh shaikh), albeit the themes/context/settings are completely different.
Any thoughts on the next play? Actually i do not mind being an 'investor"!
Good Luck!

manish said...

I could truly relate to the entire drama...being 35 ++...feeling lonely and rather helpless after all ur friends have their one life. It was all so obvious and yet I just cant believe anyone cud simply put across the digital revolution... Rasika has always been a very smart actress and though I have not seen Milind b4 I must commit Milind has done full justice to the role... I believe it is a masterpiece I saw today@ vishnudas... and I am sure we get to c more of this kind in future... Hats of to the GR8 performance...

Vijay Trimabk Gokhale said...

Hi, Milind and Rasika

I saw the play yesterday i.e. 24 .2.2010 at Shivaji Mandir, Dadar. Rasika and Milind were superb,superb and superb.

Rasika (of thirtyfivish or fourtish? I do not know) dispalyed the body language and verbal swager of a modern twentish girl immaculately.

Rasika they say you have staged a come back after 7 years. We are not going to allow you to go back. I think we also saw you on now closed Prabhat Channel (right?)I bacame your fan since then.

Cheers and Best luck Rasika,Milind and all those, I repeat all those,connected with the play and of course Maharashtra Cultural Centre, Pune.


Suyog Athavale said...

Apratim natak. Doghanchihi kame khupch sunder zali ahet. Ek bold vishay ani tyache sahajsunder sadarikaran. Doghanchehi timing perfect.

Asmita said...

Hi Rasika,

This is Asmita Godse(Malad). I saw few snapshots of your play on website. But my family told me about how wonderful this play is! I want to see this once I am in Bombay! Looks like you have done just superb job in writing and directing the play and acting in it. Theme and concept is really unique and mixture of comedy and serious expressions of the play is even more attractive side.
Overall I was overwhelmed and happy to see your success and wanted to contact you! All the best and you can conatct me at

amit said...

Hi Rasika,Miind and entire WLANR team. My Name is Amit Sanglikar, I am a corporate IT Application trainer. As a trainer I wsih to complement you for your study that you had done for this play.

Date of Play:10 March 2010
Place : Gadkari Rangayatan Thane
Time : 08:30 PM

after the play you shared your achivemnet,and first voice that you
heard from audiance of "Congrats" is mine. You both and your entire team is deserve what you have achived. I am proud that I am from your era and able to experince this personaly. Expecting such good things in future.

Thanks for everything
Amit Sanglikar

meenal said...

Yesterday i saw this exceptional play in Thane..reaching its
praiseworthy 125th show at 8:30 p.m.
and i was amazed to realize how delicately a relationship
could be well (best) portrayed (IN ABSENCE OF VULGARITY),in a span of only approx 2 hours,15 minutes..
The theme of the play is surely a topic of refusal to speak
upon, openly among all of us Indians; but this play not only
lay a hand on the factual situations in day today's youth &
relationship scenarios/globalization from start to end, but also had the power
to boost/amend people's judgment on the said topic.
Ranging from the dialogues/set up (Nepathya)-color scheme used/music/emotions/drapery...etc.
everything was so well thought-out.
People, lets put our hats off for these two beyond compare
artists(Rasika Joshi Mam and Milind Phatak Sir) who have
made the staging of the play so realistic, that all the age
groups (above 15 of course) would be persuaded of the
ideas put forth via this play, thus making each mind in the audience
think over.The artists have not only shown their knack of
talent, but have also taken care to make use of all the possible
things in the best way, as in the case of Rasika Mam who makes use of
even her hair, throughout the play to demonstrate her anger/
anxiousness/happiness..anything and everything..
Great timings in comedy/great dialogues/excellent chemistry..
Magnificent presentation.."Words might fall short.."!!!
Two of you..
Please keep it "up" fact, at the TOP MOST, we wish..
Also, have a deep desire that such ideas be handled through
Marathi theatre and Marathi cinemas always, and may Maharashtra boost
with pride with a changed mindset.
The evening brought the good news of 6 awards being given to
this play..

Filmifreak said...

I saw your drama yesterday and loved it. though it reminded me of some English movie. but still the performances, dialogs and modernization is superb.

The way its been presented, enacted and performed is fantastic.
I am a Gujarati and still enjoyed every bit of it, especially the climax

It was amazing to see Rasika in such role, she was the best among the best.

Keep the good work.

Barn said...

This is one of the best plays I've ever seen. Everything is so perfect. As a regular net user I figured it that this play is something to do with online chatting and it is executed so well. Everything from Set to lighting & from script to acting. I really wish you & your whole crew best of luck & keep making such amazing plays.
Ekdam Masta jamlay sagla.

Archis Bhide
Advertising & Design

Avinash said...

बऱ्याच दिवसांनंतर अशी दर्जेदार कलाकृती बघायला मिळाली.
अविनाश / अलका

Sandy. said...

Hats off to Rasika and Milind..!!!

I think the way you and your team have placed this subject on podium is simply mind blowing.

I liked the direction, background music, light effects, acting,...everything...

Arun Bhaud said...

Hi Milind & Rasika,

First of all I liked ur acting. Both of you acted like a real pair of 36-39 so no issues that you both are winner for the year in acting. then I also liked the subject you chose and you handle it well too.
You showed reality as well as myths abt internet chat nicely. Another point you put fwd is that a person can write with more courage than speaking something directly on face.
Its also true that we dont like everything abt someone but we put a mask n hide the real things.
In short the drama is no more drama...its a reality today and thank you so much for giving me satisfaction of watching a very nice play after long time!!!
BEST OF LUCK to both of you from me!

sudarshan said...

तुमच नाटक फारच सुंदर होत .... अंतर्मुख करायला लावणार ........आमच्या day today life च्या चुका कळल्या आपल्या नाटकामुळे .......तुमच्या अभिनया बद्दल आम्ही काय बोलणार .........इतकच सांगतो आमच्या आयुष्यात बदल घडवल्या बद्दल ...............धन्यवाद

Gouri said...

Its really worth watching this play.
Very good direction and script.
It reflects the reality of today's tech savvy world & youth's attitude for marriage and life.
All the best for your coming plays..keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi rasika,
ti aali,tine pahile ani tine jinkun ghetale saare !! this is 4 u.congrats and thanks a lot for the wonderfull and brilliant play.i watched the show at gadakari on 24th.i had a pleasure to meet u after show also.
i had completely related myself with the characters,madly in love but stil confused.u had touched my heart to the core.sorry but i stil not able to figure out abt end,i know its like expecting 250 from sachin after he scored 200.
kaash ye interactive blog hota! but never the less,its ummid se dugana.bravura performances and a new milestone in marathi theatre.go watch and feel.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mr Dinesh (Dinu )for the wonderful play given by unit.
The Script is very Strong & the direction is TOO GOOD.

Both the Actors have given the best of the there performance.

The Light & Sets also as an actor for the play.

Rasika & Milind TOOOO GOOD Performance please keep up the good work.

May you get the Best Success for you’re all the future plays.

Keep Up the Good Work. And please ensure that you maintain the quality & Goodwill brand name of your banner.
Our best wishes are always with you.
Go ahead in confidence of your dreams.
Although the Topic is Very BOLD it is put up in an very sweet & comic way.
The audience not only enjoyes the play & also have an question mark for such topic to end in real life.
Dinesh Wish ALL THE BEST & Have maximum shows conducted for this show from your side.
Regards....Elly Bandarkar.MULUND

Priyanka Laad said...

Hello Milind & Rasika..

Congratulations for the wonderful play! It was definitely an eye-opener for the virtual community out there. Quite a bold concept but very tactfully and appropriately handled :) Wishing the entire team a great success for future projects & shows.

Priyanka Laad.

Rdhika Godse said...

congrats Rasika n Milind,
Me Rasikala natkachya stagevar pahilyandach baghital, aaj paryant Prapanch & Bandini madhech baghitale hote.& Milindla Kulvadhu madhe baghitale hote..stage varti doghehi aflatun aahet..natkacha vishay tasa BOlD asun natak kuthehi vulgarity kade zukale nahi,proudh avivahit kumarika aani purush yanchya manache kangore chhan dakhavle aahet. Natak apratim aahe.

- Mrs.Radhika Godse

Sach said...

I would like to congratulate Rasika, Milind and the entire team of "White lily aani Night rider" who brought this masterpiece to life. Amazing performances, excellent written script and uniqueness in handling what I would call a real-life issue.
Great work!

Parag said...

Saw this in Balgandharva, Pune last week. Magnificent play ! Both conceptually and the way it is presented ! Congrates Rasika and Milind ! Let me not repeat the praise (which you guys have been showered with anyway) for Direction, Acting, Dialogue etc etc. I would like to mention 2 points which to me very stand outs- Tremendous spontenicity while presenting and the end- this perhaps was deliberately kept vegue - its upto each individual to frame the end what he or she finds comfirtable !!! Thanx .Parag Nadgauda

Anonymous said...

I have seen your play recently in Bal Gandharva. I feel the show was just about above normal. Any literary production must have a peak. Your production does not meet this expection. Your microphones were wrongly placed on the stage.Your begining was in a very low voice and I think your peak was also in a low voice that's why itwas not reached. The acting performances were much above the normal.Thank you for this off beat performance.ashok kale

Swati said...

Kaalach tumcha show shivaji mandir la baghitla ani evdhach mhanavasa vatta..."EXCELLENT, FABULOUS, MINDBLOWING,"!!!!!
It was an absolute pleasure to watch both of u!!!

Anu said...

wonderfulplay no doubt but i think they should arrive at conclusion whatevery it may be but they should accept the fact. either they should marry or forget each other

Not taking any dicision they are not accepting themselves

Tarun & Karan said...

An eye opener!

Anonymous said...

खरं सांगायच तर मी काही नाट्य समीक्षक नाही किवा कोणीही परीक्षक पण नाही , तरीही नाट्य रसिक म्हणून काही गोष्टी आपणास हक्काने आणि आवर्जून सांगणार आहे.
आपला कालचा (04/04/2010 बालगंधर्व रंगमांदिर, पुण्य नगरी) नाटकाचा खेळ हा अत्यंत उत्तम झाला. आणि विशेष नमूद करण्यासारखी गोष्ट ही की प्रयोग चालू असताना रसिका जोशी याना काही शारीरिक त्रास होत होता( चक्कर येणे , वा तत्सम) पण तरीही त्या ज्या आंतरिक उर्मीने अभिनय करत होत्या त्याबद्दल त्यांचे करावे तेवढे कौतुक थोडेच आहे.

आपल्या नाटकाची संहिता ही अगदी अभ्यासपूर्ण आणि काळजीपूर्वक रचलेली यात काही शंका नाही. आपण त्यात टिपलेले आजच्या तरुण पिढीचे चित्रण, त्यांचा आयुष्यबद्दलचा दृष्टिकोन (विशिष्ट वयात आल्यानंतर) हा कसा प्रॅक्टिकल होतो आणि आज वरचे गाठीशी असलेले चांगले वाईट अनुभव हे आपला जगण्याच्या हेतू आणि आपले दैनंदिन आयुष्य कसे बदलू शकतात ह्याचे सखोल असलेले वर्णन आणि त्यातील अपेक्षा पूर्ण न झाल्यामुळे होणारी चिडचिड, त्रागा किवा असाह्यता होणारी वैचारिक गोची अतिशय उत्तम रित्या अभिनय बध्ध झाली आहे .

आजच्या तरुण पिढीच्या (अर्थात लग्नाचे वय उलटून गेलेल्या आणि तरीही स्वतःस विशी पंचविशीतल्या समजणर्या तरुणांच्या) समस्या ताचे सखोल केलेले विवेचन, त्यातून येणारा आयुष्यबद्दल चा प्रॅक्टिकल आप्रोच ह्याचा खूप मस्त आणि वैचारिक मेळ आपण लेखनात बसवलात त्याबद्दल कौतुक. पण तरीही त्यांचे चॅट करताना तयार केलेली व्यक्तिमत्व म्हणजे खर तर प्रत्येक तरुण तरुणीचा 'आपण कसे असावे' याची हुबेहुब प्रतिमा उभी करण्यात आपण 100% यशस्वी झाले आहात. पण खर तर असा जगन प्रत्यक्ष आयुष्यात उतरवता येताच असाही नाही आणि त्यामुळे होणारी घुसमट आणि वर्चुयल पर्सनॅलिटी यात असणारा गोंधळ मॅहणजे आपल्या नाटकाचा परमोच्च बिंदू आहे असे मला वाटते.

(खरं तर आपल्या नाटकाचा विषय, त्याची मांडणी, त्यातील लैंगिक तपशिल, त्या योगाने होणारे अभिनय या सर्व गोष्टी काल नाट्यग्रहातील सर्वच पुनेकरांनी एक प्रगत विचार म्हणून स्वीकार केल्याचे जाणवले, खर तर हा पुनेकरानंचा मोठेपणा म्हणावायास हवा (नाहीतर कदाचित ते यास 'एक सांस्कृतिक हिणता' असे म्हटले असते ('वैचारिक प्रगती असे' नव्हे).. म्हणून सर्व पुणेकर रसिकांचे आभार च मानवायास हवेत.) -- शेखर.


manasi said...

Hi Milind and Rasika,
Mala tumcha natak khoop khoop avadala ani amhala amchya generation cha natak aahe asa vaatla. Amcha vichar karun amhala patel asa natak kelyabaddal khoop khoop dhanyavaad. Ani congratulations tumhala milalelya deservable awards sathi.

Ashish said...

khup chaaannn hote natak... mala jam awadale :)

Jaya said...

Hi Team,

Natak khup ch chhan ahe.... baryach divasani ase natak pahayala milale.

Kailas & Jaya Sandbhor.

Dileep Wani said...

Human relationship is much more above than buying a luxurious item in the market, that too after lot of window shopping where the rules of the market apply.The first half of the show was an exageration of selecting an item for purchase from the market. Thank God! atleast the second half gave some justice to human relationship and communication skills. I strongly recommend both of you to please go through the novels written by Mr.Desmond Morris, particularly "THE NAKED APE".

Swapnil said...

simply superb....

anand_2360 said...

Hi Milind and Rasika,
Play was great.
After a long time we witnesed a very realistic play.Verymuch applicable to life.
Superb acting and great combination of humour and message.
The play never gates bored even if there are pnly 2 characters.

Pl take care that the date on teh contarct,while reading out the same should be the date fo the
Ii watched the play on 11th April2010 and date mentioned in contract was 15th Jan.

All the best.

bipsy33 said...

Hi Rasika & Milind,
I watched it in Shivaji mandir on 14th April. I was wondering how I missed this beautiful ,Well written and well Directed Play for so many days. Before that I saw "TIMEPASS"
which I failed to understand why it was housefull. Then next question was why so much laghter when the quality of the comedy was so cheap.
Thean I realised that crowd was different. So it was fun wacthing "White Lily & Night Rider" with crowd of good caliber...(e.g Aanand(Asambhav)...Mastkar(newspaper). Rasika, I would like to get many more writing out of your great talant.I really get nervous when I see you doing small rolls in Hindi movies...your place is somewhere else. So keep it up...& Hats off agian to your "LALAKRUTI".
Warm Regards

Anonymous said...

rasika d great

swapy said...

Hi Rasika Mam n Milind Sir

its nice,awesome,fabulas play,.. really say 2 u,.. i dont have any words,..its nice concept for young Boys N Girls,.. aani tumcha show ha 4 yrs nantar chalu jhala tyanantar hi tumachi acting its mind blowing,...

Mi tumcha aaj show shivaji mandir madhe bhagitala aani tumchyabarobar pic kadhlyavar mala ati aanand jhala ,... tumchya next show la mi nakki majhya sarv frnds na nakki gheun yein,..

Aani majhya kadun tumhala khup khup wishes aahet,..

Swapnil kamble

Harsha said...

Hii Rasika and Milind,

Sarvpratham tumache manpurvak abhinandan !!!!

Kalcha dt. 19/09/10 after a break 1st show i have seen.
Atishay sundar and perfect concept. After a long time i have seen such a live and true subject. Ek najuk vishay vinodshailine hatalala gelay. Pan tytil ganbhiry jarahi kami na hota samorachyla vichar karayala pravutta karnara prayog.
Actingwise, ekahi kshan ase nahi vatle ki abhinay chalalay.. too goodddd..
But endla purnviram nahi jhala , its like a question mark.
Afterall its everyone own perception.



PRATIK said...

hi white lily and night rider..

Great show put by you guys..never thought a marathi play could be so frank and expressive...I have to hand it out to you guys you handled such a delicate topic in such a mature and courageous way coz nobody ever could have shown what actually is "the bedroom talk".Although i really wanted Madhav and Bhakti to get their life queries worked out..Nonetheless bravo...hope to see more of such good deserve every accolade you have won...
Dr Pratik..

Genius said...

Hi Milind & Rasika,

Hearty Congratulations for bringing back a fabulous & u:thfull play.

The story speak about today's situation like live-in relationship, internet culture, etc.

"White Lily..." is One of the best plays that I saw after a long time!! I do not have enough words to state here how much I liked it!!

In Marathi "EK APRATIM NATAK..."
Ya natakavar COMMENT karne mhanje tyacha apman karnya sarkhe aahe...

Soudnya said...

vadhiv natak ahe.!!!.......script ani directionwar mi fida ahe................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lai bhari..!

anant said...

Dear Rasika and Milind,

Great, Jabardast!!!!!!!!
We enjoyed the play because its related to current subject and different subject. Rasika and Milind ur both chemistry was suparb.
One small thing which i feel that, the moment when Milind removed his wig was not incashed,its passes smoothly. Actuly its important moment. Rest Fantastic.

Tejas Harad said...

It is one of the best plays I have seen in recent times. The issue that it handles is very complex. But it doesn't get heavy anywhere. Because the treatment that is given to it is very funny. You just can't stop laughing all the time. And I think for this the credit should go to Rasika. She is just fabulous in the play.

Kshitish said...

Respected sir and ma'am,
i never thought that something like this can also be placed in a play form. you people left no single point blank in the play. it was so very thoughtfully written and so interestigly acted.
.... usually i dont prefer to meet the artists at the backstage after the play as i think it may be a little irritating for them. but on the day when i watched the play.... i really couldn't resist. i just had to congratulate u people. THANX ALOTT for placing such a beautiful thing in front of us..

i love acting.. i perform through my college. so it has become a habit..... that whenever i watch a play... i try to study the things..... there were all those things which i want to study..........
i would love to meet u people.. and learn great things from you..THE BEST THINGS THAT I CAN LEARN FROM YOU IS ACTUALLY EVERITHING....... BUT STILL THE WAY YOU PLACED YOUR CHARACTER...

reply if possible

thank u v. much...
Kshitish Date.

sahityalaxmi said...

Great Play.Maja aali pahatana. Khoop diwasanni ek changla natak pahayala milala.

Manasanna ekmekanshi pratyaksha samvad sadhana kiti kathin zalay yacha chitra uttam ubha kelat. Natak baghitalyawar antarmukh vhayala hota.Great!

.Sahityalaxmi Deshpande

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